Who are we?

KNAPK (Kalaallit Nunaanni Aalisartut Piniartullu Kattuffiat) is an interest group for fishermen and hunters of Greenland. Founded in 1953 as a merger of local unions, following a meeting between The Royal Greenland Trading Department and the then-governor. Our main focus is the industrial development of fishermen and hunters on an economic, societal, and cultural level, and we continuously create new innovative opportunities for our members.

The organization can cooperate with similar foreign organizations, but it is crucial to underline the fact that KNAPK is in no way associated with any specific political party.

Executive Committee

Henrik Sandgreen, Chairman

Karl Tobiassen, Vice Chairman

Niels Lorentzen, Boardmember

Jens Danielsen, Boardmember

Council Chairmen

Jonas Filemonsen, Council for Shrimp

Hans Bidstrup, Council for Halibut

Jens Danielsen, Council for Hunting

Jens M. Lyberth, Council for Other Fish

Niels Lorentzen, Council for Crabs

Mikkili Skourup Kielsen, Council for Pelagic Fish

Board of Directors

Henrik Sandgreen, Chairman

Karl Tobiassen, Vice Chairman

Aabili Lange, Boardmember

Simujooq Nathanielsen, Boardmember

Jonas Filemonsen, Boardmember

Hans Bidstrup, Boardmember

Jens Danielsen, Boardmember

Jens M. Lyberth, Boardmember

Niels Lorentzen, Boardmember

Mikkili Skourup Kielsen, Boardmember