The consulting service

The Consulting Service for Fishermen and Hunters

KNAPK (Kalaallit Nunaanni Aalisartut Piniartullu Kattuffiat) is an interest group for fishermen and hunters in Greenland. We are an association of local associations founded in 1953 after a meeting between KGH (Royal Greenlandic Trade) and the Office of the Governor. We work for Greenlandic fishermen and capture business development at the economic, social and cultural level, and we work to create new opportunities for our members.

The organization can enter into cooperation with similar organizations abroad, but it is important to point out that KNAPK is in no way tied to a specific political party.

Niels Boassen

Office manager
Office: +299 34 83 25

Steen Brandt

Technical Consultant
Office: +299 34 83 28