Welcome to the Association of Fishers and Hunters in Greenland ´s (KNAPK) official homesite

We are working on gradually to develop the content of English language versions of our materials. As a first step information on organizational key members will be listed. News in English or Danish will be listed too, however for the time being if you have any issues to raise or clarify you can contact following persons:

For issues or questions about board of directors responsibilities, please contact the chairman of KNAPK, Mr. Henrik Sandgreen on e-mail; henrik@knapk.gl 

For issues on managerial level, please contact Mr. Petrus Biilmann, who is managing director on e-mail; petrus@knapk.gl

For issues on fisheries and international relations, please contact deputy manager Mr. Tønnes “Kaka” Berthelsen on e-mail; kaka@knapk.gl

For issues on hunting on mammals (marine and land animals) and issues on oil and minerals exploration and its relations to the association, please contact Mr. Aksel Blytmann on e-mail: aksel@knapk.gl

Or you can simply dial one of us by phone on +299 322422